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About Us - Karegar

Karegar embodies the vision of its Melbourne-based founder and creative director, Manavi, who nurtured a dream from a young age to redefine South Asian fashion in Australia. Her unwavering passion for South Asian craftsmanship and her profound love for beautiful fabrics inspired her to embark on a journey that led to the birth of Karegar. This visionary brand aims to not only provide a point of difference to its clients but also to inspire and educate people about the exquisite artistry inherent in South Asian fashion.

With a master's degree in fashion and textiles and over fifteen years of experience in the rag trade with Indian textiles for contemporary Australian high fashion labels, Manavi is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry.

Karegar has set out to carve a niche in the Australian market by offering luxury and accessible South Asian wear. Karegar aspires to create a welcoming platform that showcases, educates, and aims to revolutionise the South Asian wardrobes of men and women with handpicked designs from a curated list of designers.

Karegar is more than just a brand. Karegar is a heartfelt tribute to the designer, the artisans & the craftsmen breathing life into each creation with hand, heart, and soul. Every piece offered by Karegar is a testament to the passion and artistry that breathes life into the garments, making them unique and special.

Proudly presenting Karegar, Australia’s first multi designer store.

Inspiring Australians with the authentic South Asian craftsmanship, rich cultural heritage and legacy.