Care Instructions


Due to the delicate nature of our garments, we recommend dry clean only. Try spot dry- clean by a professional wherever possible.Delicate embellishments and embroidery are a part of this garment’s individual beauty. The variations are not considered faults. Please handle with extra care as the surface may catch on watches, sharp objects or jewellery. Sometimes, you may find that the embellishment may come loose with wear. This is unavoidable but can be re-stitched easily.


We recommend you store the jewellery in its own box or pouch to prevent scratching, chipping and entanglement. It should be stored at a dry place away from humidity, moisture and extreme temperatures to avoid tarnishing.When dressing, please put on Jewellery last as make up, cosmetics,perfume and hair spray can cause damage.Please use a soft micro fibre jewellery cloth to gently buff the piece from any dust.


KAREGAR believes in a slow and sustainable fashion model where all garments are custom made. We follow the made to measure sustainability model, where each individual garment is made to customer’s size and style preference, thus reducing wastage. By adopting the couture method of manufacturing, we also hope the customer keeps the outfit for longer; reuses it and passes it on to future generations.

Karegar aims to collaborate only with designers that follow sustainable measures of production and ethical standards. All karegar merchandise is also made with recyclable paper. We hope together we can make difference to the environment we live in.